MSC Matilde recovers after listing heavily at Liverpool

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Observers at the Port of Liverpool reported dramatic scenes early this morning at the UK port’s Liverpool2 container terminal, when the crew of the MSC Matilde containership “were disembarked from the vessel as a precaution” after it started listing heavily during the night.

Liverpool Echo published a dramatic photo showing the vessel listing and said the crew from the 20-year-old ship had abandoned the vessel at around 2am.

Global container line MSC confirmed that there had been an incident at Liverpool, but that the vessel and its crew were back to normal. It said: “Early Friday morning on 24 May, the container ship MSC Matilde was found to be listing in dock at the Port of Liverpool, UK. As a precaution, to ensure the safety of the captain and crew, they were disembarked from the vessel.

“There were no reports of injuries, loss of cargo or damage to ship and operations are back to normal. The cause of the incident is still being nalysed by the relevant authorities.”

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